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Plandemic AKA Unlisted

Published on 11 Jun 2020 / In Non-profits & Activism

If you disagree with me let me know in the comments.

This isn't the normal type of video for this channel but what I was seeing was too crazy to not comment on. I don't know how people fall for what to me immediately comes out as an obvious attempt at a viral video spread to sell a book. I hope some of you find this entertaining.

A book which if truly was so important would be shared for free. The more I research Judy Mikovits the less I can trust her. At the end of the day though this video is entertainment and should be taken as such.

I first found this under " Dr Anthony Fauci's ex employee, was jailed, finally tells all " and have seen it trending on twitter under " plandemic ".

For the arrest record I would like to mentioned that when I researched while charges were dropped she did return stolen notes. So while not found guilty she did in fact have stolen material to turn over. Saying there was no reason for the arrest is wrong.




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