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Canada's SHOCKING Payment Blockade: Crypto Saves the Day!

Published on 19 Feb 2022 / In Crypto

Canada's authoritarian response to protestors has shocked the world, as they declare that bank accounts and digital assets can be frozen with no due process or court orders, and no liability for the banks that shut them down. They have added crowdfunding (fiat and crypto) platforms to be regulated as part of their terrorism laws, and announced that multiple crypto addresses have been sanctioned because those people either received or donated funds associated with protestors.

We dive into the crackdown, and how privacy coins are more important than ever, with special guest Ben Armstrong of BitBoy Crypto!

00:00 - Intro
02:43 - El Salvador vs US Govt
05:19 - SEC Tries to Chill Elon Musk’s Speech
07:40 - Twitter Adds Tipping for Ethereum
10:11 - Canada’s Payment Blockade ft. Bitboy
37:27 - Outro

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