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1 A.M Study Session ? - [lofi hip hop/chill beats]

Published on 11 Jun 2020 / In Music

πŸ’Ώ Listen to 2 A.M Study Session :
β†’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wAPCSnAhhC8

🎨 Download the illustration/animation (& support the artist)
β†’ https://www.patreon.com/margauxpeltat/

🎡 Tracklist
[00:00] Intro
[00:15] WYS - Snowman
[03:25] Fatb - Cotton Cloud
[05:28] rook1e x tender spring - the places we used to walk
[07:44] imagiro - wool gloves
[10:28] Glimlip x Yasper - I'm sorry
[12:43] mell-ΓΈ - Nova
[14:24] goosetaf x the fields tape x francis - carried away
[16:20] j'san x epektase - snow & sand
[19:02] HM Surf - Single Phial
[20:46] cocabona x Glimlip - Drops
[22:43] Aso - espresso
[25:10] Ambulo x mell-ΓΈ - Luminescence
[26:50] DLJ x BIDØ - Explorers
[28:48] Sarcastic Sounds - Wish You Were Mine
[30:51] BluntOne - Reflections
[32:48] Purrple Cat - Alone Time
[36:08] Kupla - Owls of the Night
[38:28] dryhope - Steps
[40:54] ENRA - amber
[42:20] Psalm Trees - fever
[44:51] H.1 - Circle
[46:41] Pandrezz - Cuddlin
[49:32] Jordy Chandra - Late Night Call
[51:44] less.people - Gyoza
[53:42] G Mills - Keyframe
[56:32] mvdb - breeze
[58:06] Mondo Loops - Lunar Drive

🎢 Support the beatmakers
WYS β†’ https://open.spotify.com/artis....t/2CiO7xWdwPMDlVwlt9
Fatb β†’ https://open.spotify.com/artis....t/39c9r5tc96HMSEX9Bb
rook1e β†’ https://open.spotify.com/artis....t/5NlA3ayVBDY3uDCCEZ
tender spring β†’ https://open.spotify.com/artis....t/0WCCipy2qiobvuygnT
imagiro β†’ https://open.spotify.com/artis....t/2O8Fgh14LT9QBGfFM5
Glimlip β†’ https://open.spotify.com/artis....t/5wEF5my54dE5vMMmSU
Yasper β†’ https://open.spotify.com/artis....t/1axdL80XjVHdInGsJb
mell-ΓΈ β†’ https://open.spotify.com/artis....t/6bA2OonnJsG1tN9yCl
goosetaf β†’ https://open.spotify.com/artis....t/46NCqFl8vhQZD77y7X
the fields tape β†’ https://open.spotify.com/artis....t/6rRqxCKHpl9C5Imf2u
francis β†’ https://open.spotify.com/artis....t/042u9YTOPOZwaCFWQs
j'san β†’ https://open.spotify.com/artis....t/5iMUho98faEp2w6j5p
epektase β†’ https://open.spotify.com/artis....t/31jYTsfmnHqcK7ahdq
HM Surf β†’ https://open.spotify.com/artis....t/6TeBxtluBMQixZcKkJ
cocabona β†’ https://open.spotify.com/artis....t/5V8HGb7Pt982HEbpmg
Aso β†’ https://open.spotify.com/artis....t/45Ui3GdcxzbdJhhTtZ
Ambulo β†’ https://open.spotify.com/artis....t/6sPQwc6lix6K1Gv64v
DLJ β†’ https://open.spotify.com/artis....t/3chQixmxhv9UmwQc8a
BIDØ β†’ https://open.spotify.com/artis....t/7HSBpX7fVOinHb9CNc
Sarcastic Sounds β†’ https://open.spotify.com/artis....t/1bq8rqNnfrojn0OSAf
BluntOne β†’ https://open.spotify.com/artis....t/225l1KEprObX8xgl8x
Purrple Cat β†’ https://open.spotify.com/artis....t/73aKnLT4O8G2pBEfdl
Kupla β†’ https://open.spotify.com/artis....t/7daSp9zXk1dmqNxwKF
dryhope β†’ https://open.spotify.com/artis....t/50Ej4gF8iYESted3e4
ENRA β†’ https://open.spotify.com/artis....t/1jDbZQQs4VNtiC4Aer
Psalm Trees β†’ https://open.spotify.com/artis....t/5pmXkV6A8yQdoa64xz
H.1 β†’ https://open.spotify.com/artis....t/3azKf6nXrUCI1RLZkX
Pandrezz β†’ https://open.spotify.com/artis....t/65ZGdYSRT3Rmv6P7DN
Jordy Chandra β†’ https://open.spotify.com/artis....t/28VbaiiRmV4vk9O5yk
less.people β†’ https://open.spotify.com/artis....t/0QmdasntOdQpEwRd40
G Mills β†’ https://open.spotify.com/artis....t/0djvqMepj2XkHfvWTq
mvdb β†’ https://open.spotify.com/artis....t/0hleYpwrJSPEh2pCRT
Mondo Loops β†’ https://open.spotify.com/artis....t/1XFN3VcuKr4tsTtQlR

🎨 Artwork by Margaux Peltat
β†’ https://www.instagram.com/gomar_illustration/
β†’ https://www.patreon.com/margauxpeltat

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