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Ex Gang Stalking Operative Explains Tactics and Motives

Published on 07 Nov 2022 / In Education

In this rare radio interview , ex gang stalker explains us why Targeted Individuals are being selected and how targeted is being done. He says that T.Is are normally coming from conspiracy theory background and or high tech back ground , PHDs who did not go along with the agenda , so they end up being targeted . He also says that T.Is are normally people of higher I.Q. and undefended way of thinking .
The purpose of targeting is to isolate the individual , alienate him from jobs and friends , bring him to the bottom , homelessness and keep him there . There are many ways how to achieve this , V2K , then subtle though manipulation , sending throats to exactly brain part where they originate , so target can not distinguish he’s thoughts from those implanted . This is very effective way how they manipulate un suspected public and T.Is . He also explains gang mentality of perps ; they are happy to have well payed jobs , so much power over targets , support of group , they can date women they want using same techniques they use on T.Is
I picked this video from Youtube channel of one T.I. and I do not know the origin of it , otherwise you would have some links and ore data about where and when etc.

Gang Stalking, Voice To Skull V2K, Silent Hypnosis

From Pasha Pashou

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