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THE PERFECT STORM | Commodity Super Boom Could Groceries Rise 400%?!?

Published on 15 Mar 2021 / In Education

We are at the very beginnings of a Commodity Super Boom lasting more than a decade with run away inflation firing it's rockets.

Just two weeks ago a grain analyst called for $18-19 bushels of corn, $30 bushels of soybeans, and $42-48 bushels of wheat. That would indicate a 300-400% increase in food prices. Is it possible? Are we really on a brink of a massive wave higher in food prices? What does that mean for farmers?

0:00 The Commodity Super Boom Began in 2020
0:40 Who is running our country in Biden's Absence?
1:17 American's can't afford Biden's green obsession.
1:45 Global Resources are running out.
2:30 Bloomberg Analyst Calls for Commodity Super Boom
3:10 Grain Analyst Calls for $18 Corn $30 Soybean & $42 Wheat
3:54 Vegetable Oil Up over 100% YOY
4:18 1.9 Trillion Stimulus to cause inflation.
4:50 Severe Weather Globally Impacting Crop Production
6:55 Texas Crop Losses over $600 Million
8:30 Wheat Crop Losses
9:50 Climate Change is impacting Global Crops
11:00 China is consuming global agricultural resources.
13:49 Zimbabwe Hyperinflation caused by Agricultural Production
15:43 Food Prices could lead to Hyperinflation
17:28 Biden Shuts Down Oil Pipelines
19:08 Biden to procure timber from Tribal Lands
20:04 Shutting Down Dakota Pipeline Will Increase Food Prices
23:38 Mortgage and Variable Rates Rise regardless of Fed Policy
24:42 Runaway Inflation and National Debt Disaster
25:55 Rising Grain Prices impacting meat producers
30:00 Farmer Input prices are going higher
30:33 Solar Panels could keep your energy bill from going higher
32:07 Inflation leads to Recession
34:50 How to reconcile your finances for hyperinflation

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